Burlington Brands
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About Burlington Brands
Our mission since 1981 is to be different...

  • To concentrate on the customers 
  • To do things better 
  • To give the customer what they want 
  • To offer the best values 
  • To give 100% customer satisfaction 
  • To have happy, well trained employees 
  • To be a pleasant place to work and shop 

Our mission is to sell quality men's and women's casual sportswear irregulars at a fraction of the cost through exclusive arrangements with manufacturers of nationally-known brands at our friendly, convenient outlet locations with 100% customer satisfaction.
Our philosophy is that our customers are the backbone of our operations... our goal is to give them the best service possible. There is so much competition in today's world... e-commerce, mail-order, etc. Burlington Brands is a growing company with locations in seven states. We have to treat our customers like the precious commodity they are. Happy, well-trained employees are essential to our continued success as a company. Their enthusiasm and pleasant attitudes will be passed on to our customers.

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